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Slide I’m Michelle, and I own and operate Fluid Fitness. I’m not for everyone; I know that. My sense of humor is off-beat, and my personality is full of excitement and laughter. I take my work seriously, but not myself!

I’d say I have many interests, but fitness and making meaningful connections with people are definitely up at the top. Fluid Fitness has been built on love. My participants are accepting and supportive. I want to encourage healthy lifestyles and help people build confidence in themselves and strong relationships with others. I’m here to do more than just teach an exercise class.
One of my favorite quotes is by William James, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

I've been teaching fitness for over 15 years. My degree is in Exercise, Sports and Health Science from the University of Texas system. I've acquired several certifications in aquatic exercise (AEA), prenatal and postnatal fitness (SCW Fitness), personal training (Cooper Institute) and yoga (YogaFit).

When I'm not on the pool deck (or in the pool), you can find me with a trail of three loving and extremely energetic boys, whom I home-school. My life is full of chaos, excitement and love...and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Slide I love water aerobics. I didn’t always. In fact, there was a time in my 20’s that I scoffed at exercising in the water. Wasn’t that an exercise that “old people” did??

I wish I knew then what I know now! Exercising in the water has so many benefits, including keeping those joints safe. Had I known that you could get an awesome , all-encompassing (strength, cardio, core and stretch) workout in the pool, really push yourself without the fear of injury, and feel like a million bucks when you came out, I would have jumped in so much sooner!

I actually started teaching in my late 20s. Having spent many years after university taking jobs that had nothing to do with fitness or helping people, I found myself moving further and further away from what I went to school to do....empower people through fitness. I met Marilyn Martin, of Fit'n'Firm, who took me under her wings to teach some evening classes at Warwick Academy back in 2004 through 2012. Once I found my style of teaching and had a plethora of combinations and exercises that I could demonstrate, it was like I found the Fountain of Youth! I remember feeling the excitement of knowing that this workout in the water could be just as intense as any other high-intensity workouts I was doing on land.

That excitement continued when I began my own program at the National Sports Centre in 2014. After the birth of my third (and FINAL) child, I wanted to get back into it. I started with daytime classes and slowly grew a great group of participants. My participation and schedule has grown over this time so that I now offer early mornings, evenings, and weekend classes depending on the time of year. This type of work fills me with such purpose and joy. I have found my calling!