Water Aerobics

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It’s low -non-impact
Water is 12x more resistant than air
Heart doesn’t have to work as hard in the water than it does on land at the same intensity
Increases or maintains bone density
Improves blood circulation and decreases swelling
No swimming experience
Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun!!

Water Aerobics Schedule

2019 Winter Schedule at NSC Pool

Classes begin Sunday, January 13th

No classes on public holidays
Please check my Fluid Fitness Facebook for any cancellations or short-term change in schedule


10:15 a.m.


9:30 a.m.

7 p.m.


7 a.m.

9:30 a.m.


9:30 a.m.


7 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

6:30 p.m.


9:30 a.m.

Register for a day/term and get a great deal


8-class punch cards are available
for $160 (no expiration date)


Drop-ins welcome for $20

Don’t Wait To Sign Up!

Water aerobics makes creative use of the natural resistance and buoyancy of the water to provide a low-impact workout that is both fun and effective. These workouts aim to improve all the components of fitness: muscular endurance and strength, body composition, aerobic capacity, and flexibility or joint mobility, as well as improving neuromuscular coordination. Just about anyone at any age and any fitness level can participate in water aerobics and knowing how to swim is not a requirement. It is a fantastic workout that burns calories, strengthens your body and core and helps with blood circulation! What you put into your workout is what you get out of it! Research indicates that a one-hour class can burn 400-500 calories. Hydrostatic pressure (waters pressure on the body) improves blood circulation and helps decrease water retention which also means that your heart rate is lower than when training at the same intensity on land. Water is 12x more resistant than air and that when exercising in the water, you are working both sides of your muscles, muscles that are rarely used on land are consequently flabby! The attractive thing about a water aerobics class is that no matter what your fitness ability, you can work within your capabilities. The water’s resistance forces the exerciser to maintain abdominal stability during all movements.

Just about anyone can participate in water aerobics. Many people have different reasons for working out in the water: those who are cognizant of how much impact they put on their joints, people who are rehabbing an injury, pregnant mothers, or even just people who want to mix up their routine and challenge themselves in a different way. The water workout provides a low-to- non impact workout that will not strain the weight-bearing joints or the back, but at the same time it increases, or at least maintains, bone density! Water workouts are generally safe and modifications will be given for those who need it.  Water aerobics usually prescribed for those with low back pain or lower body injuries. However, as with all exercise programs, you must get your doctor’s approval.

All water aerobics classes are located at the National Sports Centre’s pool.  Entrance to the NSC facility is off of Roberts Avenue in Devonshire.  There is plenty of parking.

Yes, there is always room for drop-ins.  Please call or email to make sure that there is class before heading to the pool.  The drop-in rate is $20 and you will need to arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill in a health history/registration form.

There are stairs that enter the pool, but there is also a lift chair to help people into the pool.  As it requires some time, please notify me the evening before to say you are coming.  Please arrive 15 minutes early so that I can accommodate you.

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