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“The benefit from the Fluid Fitness classes is tremendous, the harder you work the more beneficial it is to you. Also being the only MALE most of the time does not affect me. I enjoy being among the ‘girls’. I also get a kick watching Michelle encouraging all the participants in their workout. She works very hard at that.”



I really got hooked on water aerobics after I had my twin girls. I started going to Michelle’s classes at the Warwick Academy Pool in the evenings.I lived really close to the pool at that time and so it was very convenient. This meant that I could leave my three young children at home withmy husband and escape the house for an an hour of exercise and fun. I have found water aerobics to be really great for body and mind. This isprobably the only exercise class that I have persevered with on a long term basis. Since starting classes at the National Stadium pool I have lost weightand feel more toned from doing the classes.


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“I LOVE my Fluid Fitness Classes which I highly recommend to everyone! They have taken me to a new level of fitness I’ve not had in years because it’s the first intense aerobics activity I have been able to do for a long time without fear of injuring my knees or ankles.”

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